Reasons Not To Be Afraid Of Your Eye Surgery

Most of the time, this fear can be resolved by finding out how the surgery works and getting to know the doctor and the clinic that will perform the procedure. Follow the article and learn 5 reasons not to be afraid to have your eye surgery.

Success Rates For Eye Surgery Are Quite High

It’s common to feel fear when imagining your eyes undergoing any surgical intervention. But know that most eye surgeries have very high success rates, with rare cases of complications after surgery. In grade correction surgeries, for example, the success rate exceeds 90% depending on the technology used, and the rate of people who remain with some residual grade is only around 2%. Therefore, the tip we give to overcome fear is: to research the clinic where you will perform the procedure and, primarily, the qualification and experience of the surgeon in question.

If your case is refractive surgery, this article will help you:

Essential Information You Should Get Before Your Refractive Surgery

You should even search your doctor’s CRM on the internet and check the opinion of other patients he has already treated.

If the surgeon is not the same doctor, you saw, kindly ask your ophthalmologist for more information about him. Talk openly and expose your main doubts so he can be as transparent as possible with you, okay?

The Advancement Of Medicine Can Guarantee Excellent Results In Your Surgery

The constant advancement in the ophthalmological field of eye surgery allows surgical procedures to correct or stabilize the diseases that affect the eyes and be less invasive, faster, and more satisfactory results. This is the case with cataract surgery, for example. Before a wide incision was made to remove the damaged lens, today, it is possible to remove it with minimal incisions, around 2 to 3 mm in depth — without any pain or discomfort. Learn more in this article: How to treat cataracts?

In the case of refractive surgeries from discover vision center for instance, it is already possible to use the modern SMILE laser technique. It corrects degrees of myopia and astigmatism in a few minutes, keeping the eye’s cornea intact and enabling an even faster recovery in the postoperative period.

Eye Surgery Is Generally Quick And Painless

It’s always good to remember: your eye surgery will be completely painless. The surgeon will apply a local anesthetic (eye drops), so you won’t feel discomfort during the procedure.

And more: the surgeries, in general, are quick: it takes between 15 and 20 minutes to have your visual acuity back, without hospitalization and with a fast recovery time. Learn more about the postoperative period in the next topic.

Recovery Time After Surgery Is Generally Quite Quick

After performing your eye surgery such as smile lasik, the doctor will give you some general recommendations for your recovery to be quick and without significant complications, such as avoiding very intense activities and using specific eye drops. Although the technology used in the surgery also influences the recovery time, strictly complying with the recommendations given by the doctor is essential for your recovery to be, in fact, fast.

Thus, you can return to your normal activities in a few days or weeks. The improvement in vision can also be noticed quickly, depending on the stage of the disease treated and the type of surgery performed.

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