5 Tips To Fight Head Lice Naturally

Do you want to rid your child’s head of lice without chemicals? Here are some practical tips to achieve this. Who says children in the community? Says lice. It is systematic, and it isn’t easy to prevent their appearance. However, it is possible to get rid of them, and if you do not want to bring chemicals to achieve this, here are some natural tips from lice doctors to fight against these undesirables.

The Mayonnaise

This is probably not the most pleasant recipe to use, but it has the merit of being effective! The mayonnaise will help loosen the nits and prevent the lice from sticking to the hair. Massage the scalp with mayonnaise and leave for two hours to use it effectively. Then with a comb, remove the lice and nits that will have come off before cleaning and rinsing the hair well.

Coconut Oil

She is very fashionable. Coconut oil is used in cooking as a beauty product and is now: against lice. To make good use of it, coconut oil is used during a 4-day treatment. To start, make a mixture of coconut oil and camphor powder. Once done, apply this mixture to your child’s head for 4 consecutive nights. Every morning, wash your hair and comb it carefully—guaranteed result.

Baking Soda

Like coconut oil, baking soda is very popular right now. And for a good reason, it has a thousand virtues, including fighting lice. Two ways to use it: first, in powder form. In this case, you must first spread the baking soda on your child’s head, protecting his eyes. You can also dissolve a few tablespoons in hot water. Dipping your comb in this solution will more easily remove the nits from the hair.


Mothers are aware of the virtues of onions against children’s coughs, but less those against lice. However, the sulfur in onion juice can be very effective. You will need several onions to extract the juice using a strainer. Then apply this liquid to your child’s head and leave it on for 3 hours before using a mild shampoo and rinsing. To be very effective, this solution can be repeated two days in a row.

Olive Oil

Like coconut oil, olive oil will help prevent lice from sticking to the hair and make it easier to lift the nits. For even better results, you can combine it with lavender essential oil. All you need is a few drops of essential oil in olive oil. Spread this mixture on your child’s head and leave for an hour before passing the lice comb, then rinsing with shampoo. You can also use the help of experts like Lice Removal Service in Houston, Texas for example if it becomes severe.Hhb

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