4 Easy Ways to Increase Your OD600

Optical Density, or OD600, is an important measure of the concentration of microorganisms in a culture. It is used frequently in laboratories to measure cell density and can help researchers determine the best conditions for the growth and development of their cultures. Increasing OD600 can be difficult, but here are four easy ways to do it.

Four Ways To Increase Your OD600

1.    Optimize Media Composition:

Adjusting the composition of your media can go a long way toward increasing your OD600. For example, if your culture is growing too slowly, you may want to add more carbon or nitrogen sources such as sugar or yeast extract. If you are having issues with contamination, you may want to try adding antibiotics such as ampicillin or tetracycline to your media. It’s important to remember that different organisms have different nutritional requirements so it’s always best to start with a basic media formulation and adjust as needed.

2.    Alter Temperature Conditions:

Temperature plays an important role in the growth rate of cultures and therefore affects their optical density. Generally speaking, higher temperatures lead to faster metabolic rates which will result in increased cell growth and thus higher ODs. However, this is not always true; some cultures may grow better at lower temperatures while others may prefer higher ones so it’s important to experiment with different temperature regimes until you find one that works best for your organism.

3.    Use Appropriate Agitation/Shaking Rates:

The rate at which cultures are agitated or shaken also affects their optical density readings. Too much agitation can cause cells to burst while too little will not provide enough oxygen for them to grow efficiently. Therefore it’s important that you use an appropriate shaking rate for your organism; too fast and too slow will both lead to decreased OD readings so experiment until you find the sweet spot for your particular strain!

4.    Adjust Culture Volume:

The amount of culture you use can also affect your OD600 readings. For example, using a smaller amount of culture will generally lead to lower readings while using larger amounts can lead to higher ones. This is because more cells per volume translate into greater optical density readings. It’s best to start with the recommended volumes for your organism and then adjust as needed.


Increasing OD600 can be a tricky process, but by following these five simple steps you should be able to get your cultures up and running in no time! Keep in mind that different organisms have different requirements so it’s important to experiment with different conditions until you find the one that works best for your particular strain. With a bit of patience and dedication, you should be able to get your cultures up to an optimal OD600 in no time!

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