How to Treat and Clean Your Pool Water-Tips for Beginners

Maintaining a pool doesn’t have to be a hassle! Regular and frequent maintenance is essential to a spotless and enticing pool or spa area. You can handle simple issues on your own or leave everything to experts. However, it’s crucial to safeguard your investment and maintain your swimming area in good condition.

Here are tips for cleaning and maintaining your pool as a beginner: 

  1. Add the necessary chemicals 

It’s time to add the required chemicals, depending on the type of treatment you wish to perform. Add extra salt if it’s a saltwater pool to balance the chlorine levels; you can also add chlorinate. Use a hardness increaser to raise the levels if you wish to equalize the hardness. You can add softer water until the hardness is balanced to the desired level.

  1. Control algae growth in your pool

Algae growth is one of the significant problems influencing the water quality in swimming pools. When there is not enough disinfectant in the water to inhibit its growth can develop very quickly. Algae will cause the water to turn green, ruining the appearance of the pool and reducing its purity. To prevent algae growth, consider natural hot tub and spa water treatment products if possible.

  1. Check the water level and quality 

Inspect your pool’s water at least every week and review your pool more frequently in winter. Additionally, regularly check the pH balance and chlorine levels. Pools lose water over time and are murkier, so you’ll need to add additional chemicals to keep the water clean.

  1. Remove stains using lemon slices and vitamin c tablets 

Your pool will look its best and help maintain safe chemical levels in the water if you regularly clean out metal and other permanent stains. Metal or other blemishes are annoying and can give your pool an outdated, worn-out appearance.

But a few vitamin-C supplements can work! Put one or two in a water container and clean the stains well. You can also slice lemons and drop them into the water as a substitute for tablets if you don’t have any on hand. After that, scrub lightly to verify that the stains are no more.

Reasons to use aromatherapy salts in your pool

Natural aromatherapy salts offer numerous gains while adding calming therapeutic value to your spa and pool treatments. Below are reasons to use aromatherapy slats in your pool or hot tub.

  • Rich aroma

Adding natural aromatherapy salts to your spa or pool treatment will improve your experience due to the rich aroma. Besides, natural aromatherapy products are entirely derived from natural components.

  • Reduced stress and inflammation


Adding aromatherapy salts to your pool water supply can significantly lower your stress levels. Magnesium sulfate, a component of these natural salts, promotes muscle relaxation and reduces anxiety.

In summary, having a pool in your place is a pleasing and excellent investment. You can keep a crystal-clear pool throughout the year if you follow the advice in this article. The most crucial step is to create and then adhere to a maintenance schedule.

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