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For men who suffer from low testosterone, symptoms can range from mild to severe. A doctor’s evaluation from the experienced professionals at Prestige Men’s Medical Center in Tampa, FL can help determine whether these symptoms are related to a true deficiency of the hormone or are related to side effects produced by common treatments for hypogonadism. Common symptoms include diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and muscle mass reduction. Because low testosterone can lead to symptoms that mimic the more serious conditions such as testicular cancer and osteoporosis, a patient should be evaluated by an experienced medical practitioner.

While reduced levels of testosterone have a profound effect on many aspects of a male’s life, they are particularly important to athletes, bodybuilders and people engaged in high intensity sports. For these people, low testosterone often means reduced muscle mass, less power, increased fat and decreased endurance. Less testosterone also means lower bone density and reduced muscle strength. Because testosterone is essential for successful sports performance and healthy male sexual functions, athletes are particularly sensitive to its effects. Testosterone replacement therapy has been employed for decades for sportsmen, but now many researchers are looking at the possible health hazards of this treatment.

The beneficial effects of testosterone help to prevent the development of conditions that could ultimately lead to the deterioration of your health. Athletes require high levels of testosterone to promote muscular strength, improve endurance and help preserve muscle mass. As you age, testosterone decreases in your body and with it come many serious problems. As you lose muscle mass, you may experience decreased bone density and joint pain. While there are prescription medications that can be used to treat low testosterone, natural alternatives that are safer and without the nasty side effects could be a better choice for your needs.

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