What Are The Different Varieties Of Sidr Honey?

Honey is known as a superfood, so many reasons exist to justify it. It has many therapeutic properties that make it a great ingredient to use raw or in your food. We all know the common concept that honey is obtained from the nectar of flowers. But pure and natural Yemeni Sidr honey is extracted from the Sidr tree. The tree is rich in medicinal properties, which is why the honey collected by the bees from sidr trees is rich in nutrients.

Parts of the sidr tree contain potassium, manganese, sodium, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, etc., making the Sidr Honey high in nutritional value. The honey is extracted from the Lote or Ziziphus tree and is found dominantly in Yemen. The whole tree is enriched with medicinal properties, so the honey is also used in medicines and to treat other ailments. It also has excellent cosmetic and ayurvedic properties, which diversifies its use in household, medical, and beauty industries.

You can consume honey by drizzling on your pancakes or applying it on your toast. You can even use it as a substitute for sugar to stay healthy. In detail, let’s know more about the properties and varieties of Sidr honey.

Phenomenal Qualities Of Sidr Honey

  1. Raw, Pure, and Organic: The beekeepers of Yemen are highly conventional in keeping the bees and extracting honey. While producing Sidr honey no synthetic substances, additives, or medications are used. The entire process is done manually, which makes the sidr honey extremely pure, raw, and organic.

  1. Rich In Antioxidants: Honey is rich in antioxidants, which means it neutralises the harm caused by free radicals present in the body because of illnesses like cancer, arterial disease, or the ageing cycle.

  1. Natural: The sidr trees are grown in desert areas of Yemen, a total natural habitat. This enhances the quality of honey that will be obtained from the trees.

Benefits Of Sidr Honey

  1. Heals Digestive Problems: Sidr honey has probiotic properties that help keep your gut healthy. Consuming sidr honey reduces your dependency on pills and other drug syrups. You can maintain your health most naturally.

  1. Treats Infections: Raw honey has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in treating injuries and wounds. It also helps calm yeast infections and sinus problems caused due to bacteria.

  1. Treats Skin Problems: Honey is used widely in skin care products. It has cell regeneration properties used in face creams to tighten the skin and give a natural glow. It can also condition the scalp and dry hair to provide softer and shinier hair.

  1. Soothes Inflammation: Sidr honey treats stomach ulcers and reduces inflammation caused due to insect bites. The phytochemicals present in sidr honey are significant in treating inflammation.

Varieties Of Sidr Honey

The varieties of Sidr honey are differentiated based on parts of the regions they come from.

  1. Sidr Doani Honey: The tree is commonly known as the jujube tree or christ’s thorn and is commonly found in the middle eastern region. It is extracted from the valleys of the Da’on in Yemen. This variety of honey is exceptional as it is rich in therapeutic properties. Authentic Doani honey is collected from the dense deserts of Yemen to provide natural and raw Sidr Doani honey.

  1. Sidr Osaimi Honey: Osaimi honey is collected from the northern region of Yemen, which is cooler than the Wadi Dao’on region. The flavour of Sidr Osaimi honey is different from the Sidr Doani honey because of the difference in location, soil, and climate. However, the medicinal properties of both of them remain the same.

  1. Sidr Kashmir Honey: As the name of the variety suggests, Sidr Kashmir honey comes from the coldest region of India, Kashmir. The taste, colour, texture, and aroma of the honey are very distinct. The taste of honey is very acceptable, and the harvesting is done only twice a year.

  1. Sidr Yemeni Sumar Honey: This type of Sidr honey is found in the Hadramout region and is collected from the Sumar tree. It is said to have a more caramel tone without making the extra honey sweet.

  1. Yemeni Sidr Wasabi: The north and south region of Yemen is called the Wasab region, and the honey collected from these trees is known as Sidr Wasabi. The unique climate and soil is the primary reason that Sidr trees can grow here, even in the wild.

Final Thoughts:

According to research and proven cases, Sidr honey has also been used to cure cancer. So the magical superfood has excellent medicinal properties. However, buying this rare and unique honey from a reliable source is essential to get its maximum benefits. Rely on brands that offer raw, organic, and pure honey cultivation.

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