IPS for a smooth recovery from PRK

Following are the things you need to follow after a PRK is done at Kraff Eye Institute:

· Ask a person to help you resolve in at home after your surgery

You will be needed to show up for your surgery with a close friend who will be responsible for taking your residence since between the temporary blurred vision, as well as the light level of sensitivity, you won’t be able to drive or take public transport.

When you get home, you’ll additionally be grateful to have a close friend who can put you into bed, help with your eye drops, or prepare a dish for you!

· Wear something comfy on surgery day, so you can go directly to bed when you reach your house back

After the surgical procedure, you may feel sleepy from the leisure medications provided and are going to have some blurred vision. Therefore, instead of searching for an adjustment of clothing, you will appreciate having the ability to go right to bed.

·  Arrange your post-op meals before surgery

This is specifically true if you live alone. Think of cutting up vegetables with a fuzzy vision: not so safe or easy. You can cook your foods in advance, stockpile microwavable dishes, and ready-to-consume salads, or pre-order home-delivery meals to prevent cooking. Consider buying paper plates, as well as mugs so you do not need to wash meals for an initial couple of days post-op.

· Eat a loading dish before your surgery

Since LASIK, as well as PRK, don’t need basic anesthetic, you obtain numbing eye declines and perhaps medicine to suppress pressure and stress, if needed, you’ll want to have an excellent dish the early morning of your surgical treatment.

That’s due to the fact that you don’t know how you’ll feel after your procedure and you may simply want to rest for several hours, or probably even the following day, to relax your eyes. You are going to awaken famished when you did not consume something significant prior to surgical treatment.

· Store your eye drops in the refrigerator

Your LASIK surgeon will send you home with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops. You will invite the sensation of chilled relaxing eye drops on your eyes. Because you might experience completely dry eyes early on in your healing procedure, you will be recommended to lubricate your eyes regularly with artificial preservative-free tears. Keep some vials in your pocket every time, et cetera, in the refrigerator.

· Buy a light-weight cold compress for the area over your eyes

If you are going to have PRK, having the ability to place something great, not freezing, over your temple and eyelids could aid your eyes to feel less irritable. This will assist you to achieve sleep more quickly. Please make sure to obtain authorization from your eye doctor before using compresses on your eyes.

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