The Right Baby Vaccination Chart For Improving Their Immunity

When you’re taking care of your baby, there are so many diseases and health problems that you have to look out for. Their immunity isn’t as strong as an adult’s, and a simple virus can cause deadly consequences.

There are ways through which you can protect your baby from getting such deadly diseases with proper vaccination and safety precautions. Every vaccination detail is mentioned in your baby’s vaccination chart.

Following the child vaccination chart is important as it ensures that your baby is getting vaccinations as per the standard vaccination schedule. Even if you miss any of the doses, the catch-up vaccination can be administered.

How does baby vaccination chart help?

Baby vaccination chart serves as a guide for the doctors and parents to ensure that the child gets the vaccine on time. It contains the details of all the vaccines and their schedule. This way, you can remain alert and take your baby for a vaccination at the right moment.

This chart varies from country to country because what disease is prevalent in one nation may not be present in another. Despite that, all countries have focused on running initiatives to encourage vaccination. This is because it can prevent 70 diseases and more than 40 million deaths every year.

Why the baby vaccination chart important?

Although the birth and development of a baby is a very good thing, these infants will encounter some health problems after birth. But, not every parent is capable of affording the hospitalization of their babies.

Parents who can’t afford to see a doctor at the child’s later time should have to provide a vaccination facility for the child. But when and what vaccinations will be given? This can be known through the baby vaccination chart.

What is the vaccination schedule as per the chart?

According to the baby vaccination chart, the vaccination starts after birth and completes only when your child turns 18 years. After birth, a child must get the Hepatitis B-1, BCG, and OPV vaccine.

  • Hepatitis B-1 vaccine protects your child from lung infections and must be given within 24 hours of birth.
  • BCG is the vaccine against tuberculosis, which a baby receives before the discharge period.
  • Polio vaccination is given within 24 hours of birth or as soon as possible

6 Weeks

After 6 weeks, your baby is ready to take 1st doses of DTB, Hib, PCV, Rotavirus, and IPV. Along with them, a 2nd dose of Hepatitis- B is administered too.

10 weeks

When your baby turns 10 weeks, the following vaccines are given at the right time:

  • 2nddose of DTP, IPV, Hib, Rotavirus, and PCV
  • 3rddose of hepatitis B

14 weeks

This is the time for the third doses of the above DTP, IPV, Hib, Rotavirus, and PCV, along with the 4th dose of hepatitis B.

6 months

During this age, 1st dozes of influenza and typhoid conjugate vaccine are given, and with a gap of a month, the 2nd dose of influenza will continue.

9 months

This is a critical period for your child because this is when diseases like measles and rubella show up. To combat them, your child will get 1st dose of the MMR vaccination. At the same time, other important vaccines are Meningitis ACWY-1 and yellow fever.

12 months

Finally, when your kid attains one year of age,

  • 1stdose of Hepatitis A
  • 2nddose of Meningitis ACWY
  • 4thdose of PCV
  • 1st dose of Japanese Encephalitis
  • 1st dose of Cholera

Similarly, there are many other vaccination schedules that are continued until 18 years of age. For more details and a full baby vaccination chart, click here.


One of the major reasons for not getting a vaccination is that parents are hesitant about the vaccine and its side effects.

Above all, there is always confusion between the right baby vaccinations and all the vaccinations required for your child, which also fuels the hesitation.

Hence, as a parent or as a medical practitioner who administers vaccines, it is always useful to have a guide like the baby vaccination chart available.


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