Life Changing Benefits of a Hairless Skin

As humans evolved, our bodies became increasingly hairless to lower the risk of bites from parasites. We still have hair in certain places and love to sport different hairstyles. However, hair in the pubic region is not as wonderful. In fact, pubes tend to remain moist and can become the breeding ground for parasites. Over time, the lack of pubic hair has become a desirable trait in a mate, especially females.

You may be thinking that women of today are too confident to aim to please someone else. That’s right. However, there is enough research to show that body hair removal for women is essential for total body care. There are several other benefits of hair removal.

Top Advantages of Having Hairless Skin

Here are the various benefits of having smooth, hair-free skin:

  • Helps maintain hygiene: Most of your body surface is covered with eccrine glands which secrete a thin sheen of sweat. But the groin and underarms, teeming with hair follicles, have too many apocrine glands, which produce thicker sweat. The hair traps the sweat and allows millions of bacteria to interact with your sweat to create thioalcohol, which emits that odour.
  • So, maintaining hairless skin with time-to-time unwanted hair removal can boost your hygiene, especially in the tender privates. When you not only look but stay clean, it also relaxes your mind and helps avoid peevishness.
  • Compliments your dream outfits: Would you like to have a patch of hair peeking from your arm crevice to ruin your favourite sleeveless or off-shoulder? It seems equally embarrassing in the bikini line. The all-in-one solution to these discomforts comes with maintaining hairless skin. For instance, with Goddess-like smooth legs, you can better flaunt your prized knee-length dresses.
  • Boosts self-esteem: Suppose, the train jolts to a stop and your smelly hairy underarms swing to the face of a fellow passenger. Embarrassing, right? Hence, having no unwanted hair can go a long way to improve your self-confidence.
  • Improves skin complexion and beauty: Around 3000 BC, a hair removal kit for Egyptian women meant resins, cocoa shells and, often, bat blood to wax eyebrows. Now, even hot wax has been substituted by ready-to-use wax strips and hair removal creams with special formulations for sensitive skin and dry skin. Not only is your skin unharmed but also pampered and exfoliated to reveal its inner natural glow.
  • Improves athletic performance: Did you know that hair-free skin can help boost your athletic performance? Body hair leads to drag, whether you’re running, swimming or biking. Both male and female athletes often prefer hair removal to speed up in sports.
  • Eases tattooing: Tattooing is easy when hair isn’t in its way. The tattoo needle can move faster without interruptions on smooth hairless skin. So, the ouch factor reduces and your tattooing experience improves. Zero body hair also means better showing off your tattoos!

Wait no more. Start your body-love journey today with instant wax strips, hair removal cream or electric trimmers to enjoy the all-around benefits of silky-smooth skin!

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