Whirling Whirlpool Of The Vicious Virus

Pandemic 2020 was a historical turn the humankind and a major challenge to medical history. The world was ruthlessly submerged in the massive plague of Coronavirus. Never were its ancestral variants this hideous that this time its rage was almost unmatched. Starting from the cold wintery December of 2019, it didn’t take a flash for the calendars to flip through the testing times for a whole year. As the year 2021 crept in, the virus is still reluctant to cease its poisonous branching.

How Is Covid Detected Among Humans?

The virus was primarily found as contact contagious.

  • The spreading was fast through the surfaces and things. Symptoms were evident but didn’t show up till a fortnight giving the vicious virus to escape far.
  • Cough, cold, fever, and bodily pains were the prime indicators for the plague. Those who had any of these were tested and quarantined.
  • Social centres and hospitals performed tests, and those who came positive were sent up to the care centres for quarantine treatment.
  • Almost a month of treatment and separation is followed by negative tests that were again certified normal.
  • SARS-Covid 19 virus was found attacking lungs among all the organs. But lately, studies have shown liver and heart failures related to covid issues.

Testing Covid

Countless tests every day became the only job for medical centres. Though trembling with the fear of the dangerous spread, several frontline and healthcare workers didn’t run from the fight. Donned in PPEs and gloved and masked, they worked day and night helping detect and cure the virus.

The growing number of samples challenged the slow initial procedures to develop swift yet accurate results.

Different countries tried different systems, and collectively many types came out:

  • RNA-PCR tests are the most accurate and simple. Collecting a mucus or saliva swab from the infected and processing molecular test yields the results within a day. Active infectors are detected as the samples are taken from most prone parts.
  • Antigen tests are cheaper and more accurate as compared to RPCR tests. Their results are quick and obtained through kit justification. No need to wait for lab tests and reports.
  • Serology or antibody test is a blood test compared to the above two, swab and mucus tests. Often the asymptomatic infectors may not be revealed in the quick tests, which misses them out. This test checks the antigen count and effect on body immunity. It is a complicated and costly affair among all.

Several other kits and devices were manufactured for individual testing. But the social centres are trustfully dependant on the reports of these COVID-19 test.

Times are hard and testing. Our only weapons are masks and sanitisers behind the shield of our immunity. We, as responsible humans, should follow and guide everybody to come out of this gloom. Stay clean, stay safe!!

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