What To Do In A Dental Emergency In Bangkok

If you are on holiday in Bangkok and suffer a dental emergency, you may think that you will have to wait until you get home to get your dentist to treat you, suffering until then. However, there are plenty of excellent dentists throughout Bangkok and the rest of the country that can treat your problem, whatever it is, and at a surprisingly affordable price. Below are some of the treatments you can receive in a dental emergency in Bangkok that will stop you suffering and get you the treatment you need.

Chipped & Cracked Teeth

You can chip or crack a tooth in many ways, and you may not even have to be doing anything physical for this to happen. You may find that you do this eating food when there is something hard in it that you bite down on, and a Bangkok dentist will be able to treat this effectively, offering your relief until you get home. They can do a temporary fix on your tooth until you get home, or they can do a permanent fix, which may require a dental cap or even a crown.

Replacing A Dental Crown

If you have a dental crown that has come loose, you can also visit a dentist in Bangkok to fix it. When it comes to repairing or replacing dental crowns, Bangkok has many reputable and qualified dentists offering this service, and it may not cost as much as you may think. If the dental crown has come out entirely, try to keep it and take this to the dentist when you visit. The dentist will be able to replace your dental crown, and it may surprise you at how quickly they can do this when you compare them to the dentists at home.

A Missing Tooth

Another typical dental emergency that can happen is that you take a blow to your face and a tooth gets knocked out. If this happens to you, then you will want to keep the tooth in a glass of milk if possible and take this to the dentist with you. They may be able to save the tooth if you see them quickly enough. If they cannot save the tooth, they can ensure that everything is clean, and it will be okay to visit your dentist when you get home and provide you with pain relief. It is vital that you either get dentures or a dental implant if you have a missing tooth, to protect the jaw’s integrity. If you leave a gap in your teeth, it can cause more problems and even damage your jaw beyond repair.

If you have a dental emergency in Bangkok when you are visiting, pay a visit to one of the many dentists in the city, and they can help repair any damage or give you pain relief until you can see your usual dentist at home.

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