In Canada, many people over 60 use a lot of prescription medications. It is not wrong to take those medications, but there is a way to help elderly citizens feel a little bit better without relying too much on a bunch of pharmaceuticals.


 More than 49 percent of elderly citizens have an arthritis diagnosis, and 75 percent or more claim to have chronic pain. Therefore, a majority of people have arthritis but aren’t even getting diagnosed. Below are some ways to combat arthritis, osteoporosis, and other things that plague the over 60 community, such as high blood pressure and the senior citizen population’s general health.

CBD has a powerful effect on joint inflammation. It modulates tumor necrosis factor one alpha, which is an inflammatory signal that can affect the joints. CBD oil Canada can, sort of geo-target the TNF one alpha and potentially modulate inflammation in the joints. Arthritis is some inflammation within the joints. Sometimes it leads to osteoarthritis, which is more of a degenerative condition. Rheumatoid arthritis is more of an autoimmune disorder, but still, it has inflammation within the joint. The good part is it’s possible to control arthritis and help the elderly get the quality of life back up using CBD. When CBD comes into the body system, it affects the endocannabinoid system, which causes the release of amide. An amide is an endogenous endocannabinoid that gives the feel-good feeling, also known as bliss. It provides the perception of being pain-free, and it also affects nuclear factor Kappa B which is the master switch for inflammation within the bodies. The inflammation tends to be the root cause of many disease states. If controlled, the senior population can at least improve the quality of life.

Blood pressure

Many senior citizens over the age of 50 or 40 are on some medication for hypertension. Blood pressure is a serious issue, and it can be controlled with diet. When they have another option than relying typically on pharmaceuticals that could be a viable option. A study published in JCI insights found that ten men were given a single 600-milligram dose of CBD when sampled. It lowered their blood pressure. There’s a lot of reasons and methodologies as to why this could have occurred. The big one is the inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system. Other studies have shown that there’s a reduced stress response, meaning the stimulus, which was a stressor, tends to affect individuals taking CBD more than those not taking CBD. Many older people than age 60, get flustered comfortable with things that stress them out. Their stress response gets heightened. Their fight-or-flight response gets heightened since, with aging, the sympathetic nervous system overrides, and it’s easier to get stressed out. Reduction of The instances of being stressed out can improve that quality of life. When they’re not as stressed out anymore, it can reduce the blood pressure, improve the heart rate, improve stroke volume, and overall have a better quality of life.

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