3 Incredible Facts You Need To Know About Maple Syrup!

You love to drizzle some on your pancakes and waffles, and it could be the perfect replacement for regular refined sugar – The love for maple syrup never fades. Probably you already know that maple syrup comes from the sap of the maple tree, but do you know that more than 80% of world’s production comes from Canada? In fact, Quebec is famed for many seasons, but maple syrup definitely tops the list. There are many brands that sell délices erable bio, and these could be a perfect choice for gifting this Christmas season. In this post, we are discussing 3 different facts that you must know about maple syrup.

  • Getting maple syrup is a lot of work. Maple sap must be first harvested from the trees, which is done by drilling holes in the wood. Only selected varieties of maple trees can be considered for tapping. Once the sap has been extracted, it is then boiled to remove the water content. The thick syrup that’s left behind is then distilled, and you get what’s called pure maple syrup. Organic maple syrup is even more expensive.
  • There is a season for harvesting maple syrup. Between February and April is when maple sap is harvested, and March is often considered to be the official season. Farmers often expect good winters, because the quality of the sap can vary largely depending on the winter temperatures. The tapping of the sap must be done at the right time. It probably explains why maple syrup is so much loved and always in demand.

  • It is always better than standard syrup. Critics may argue that maple syrup contains a good dose of sugar, but it is still a better sweetener than sugar and standard sugar syrups. It contains selected nutrients and is a good source of antioxidants. Moreover, you can use maple syrup in a variety of ways. From waffles and pancakes to cooking recipes with maple syrup as dressing, this could be your go-to sweetener.

Now that you know it all about maple syrup, go ahead and find a brand that you can rely on. Make sure that you read the label. Dark colored maple syrup usually has a much stronger flavor and is considered to be a better choice for flavoring, while light maple syrup is great for topping and dressing salads and meats. Check online for organic maple syrup now!

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