Few Tips to Get Injury Free Bouldering Experience

In case, you are familiar with bouldering activities, then you will certainly tend to agree that it is an activity which is full of injury risks. Avoiding such risk is not just science but an art too.

In this article, we shall talk about few tips that can help you to have injury free experience while participating in the training on climbing gym Montreal.

  • Proper warm-up

Before you start climbing, make sure that your body is properly warmed up, which will help you to do even difficult climbing too. You can do that by performing few light exercises.

  • Know your own level

You must know well how much you can easily do and what is too difficult for you to do. You should not be in rush to achieve something.

  • Take enough rest in between

If you are going to spend enough time in either training yourself or bouldering then try to take a break in between so that you can get enough rest.

  • Use more of your skill rather than force

Try to acquire few skills and for any difficult climbing prefer to use proper skill and not your brute force. It will tire you soon and also can be unsafe.

  • Try to move on to different styles

Try to learn different styles and use them frequently rather than sticking to the same style all throughout the climbing or training.

  • Try to develop certain new skills

It will always be to your advantage, if you learn many skills. You can help yourself from difficult situations if you are aware of multiple skills.

  • Give more importance to quality of your learning

It is better to perfect your skills instead of acquiring skills in half hearted way. Proper learning of skills can protect you from difficult situations.

  • Don’t try to over-train

You must not continue with the same training again and again but split it in different phases and master them and then go for the next.

  • Balance your body

Try to do few exercises in addition so that it can help you to balance your body properly. Certain exercises like push ups can help a lot.

  • Healthy lifestyle

You must maintain a healthy life style and eat nourishing foods and exercise well. Also, you must sleep well to participate in your training activities regularly.

All these will certainly help you to do injury-free bouldering.

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