How is Gum Disease Associated with Your Whole Body Health?

Mostly everyone around us hold the biggest misconception regarding oral health, they believe that the oral health is not at all associated with overall physical and emotional wellness. Here’s the truth, that your soins dentaires has a direct and significantly dramatic effect on the overall health of your body as well as your mind. This isn’t limited to your teeth either; it also includes your gums. If your gums are affected by gum disease, then your body becomes vulnerable as well.

How can gum disease be defined?

Your gums are made to protect and support your teeth just like your skin is made to protect and support your bones and muscles. When poor oral habits let the foreign intruders like bacteria, food particles and other debris to permeate the small spaces between your teeth and pave their way into the gums, they tend to thrive and evoke inflammation and infection in your gums. As the time passes, if those issues aren’t addressed, they are likely to escalate into gum disease. The first stage of the gum disease is referred to as gingivitis. You can replace and reverse all the gum diseases with regular dental checkups and strategic oral care. The more advanced stage of the gum disease is referred to as periodontitis which is harder to fix. This disorder takes place when the gums detach away from the teeth, bone, ligament in the mouth start to break down and fall out.

These oral disorders will ruin your whole life

Unluckily, these gum diseases doesn’t just damage and cause pain in your mouth. It is also related to many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, and cancer. This association between gum disease and diabetes for instance, goes both the ways. Diabetic people are more likely to confront periodontal disease, and the victims of this disease might have a tougher time controlling the blood sugar levels in their bodies. Research claims that periodontal disease also poses a risk for heart disease because of inflammation. The inflammation impacted by the gum disease can exacerbate the current heart conditions and pose extra strain on your heart muscles and the organ itself.

But the experts can still try their best to minimize this disease or reverse it with the right medical and dental attention. At Centre Dentaire St. Onge, the experts make the most of the non-surgical laser treatments to fight moderate to extreme gum infections. This soft tissue laser works on precisely sterilizing the infection gum tissue, and assists the healthy gums reattach to your teeth.

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